Entry #1

New Member on Newgrounds :3

2015-06-13 09:01:25 by Nievaris

Hello you there ^^

I just registered here and found this site through Jazza's Youtube Videos. I must say, it looks really interesting with all this kind of arts combined so I decided that I want to stay here and share my art with you while browsing around and find others :)

So, now to my person :)

I'm a 27 year old self taught artist from Vienna, Austria (Europe, not to be mistaken by the Vienna in the USA or Australia, the continent. Had it all ;D) who loves to draw animals in general but also all kinds of fantasy critters and anthropomorphic stuff.

At the moment I'm studying biology/geography on teacherhood buuut I'm playing with the thought of becoming an illustrator of some sort so I'm working on my portfolio at the moment :)

Things I still need to learn are humans aaaand backgrounds. I never liked them but now I realisted that I actually struggle quite a bit when it comes to draw some kind of environmant.

Guess that's all so far :3

Looking forward to be more active here.


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2015-07-12 23:51:08

I found this place through Jazza too! XD And I'm glad I did so far. I'm an artist, so if you wanna check out some of my stuff, by my guest! :D

Nievaris responds:

Aaah, how awesome *g*
Yeah, I will :3 I really like find new artists and see their art, hrrhrr :D


2015-08-19 23:25:09

Welcome to newgrounds! I was scrolling through the art section when I came across some of your stuff, nice job! I hope you continue to post on here and do well! Take care!

Nievaris responds:

Thanks a lot, it's really good to hear that and it motivates me to draw more :D I will when I've something worthy to show here ^^